Design Your Dream Closet

Are you a fashion addict?

An aspiring chef?

An entrepreneur?

Someone who wants to be successful and well-organized?

Closets are underrated, to say the least. Whether it’s a new pantry, cabinet set, or walk-in closet, we’ve got your back and want you to achieve your goals and maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Take the men and wRows of men's suit jacketsomen focused on their career – business people. The individuals who rise in the morning with a sense of purpose, drive, and determination. In order to shine, you have to don a sense of confidence and professionalism day in and day out. This means polished shoes, pressed button-ups, and classy blazers.

When looking your best and preserving your wardrobe is a priority, there is no other option but a custom closet. If you own your home, we can revolutionize your drab and undersized closet and change it into a dream room in your home. This is a space that not only helps you get ready in the morning and settle down at night, but it is the place where your motivation begins.

Take the men and women who spend much of their day in the kitchen – whether you have a large family, or just love to cook. Chefs, whether professional or not, know the importance of making sure food is organized into their proper storage space. This ensures optimal preservation of food, and making sure items are rotated before their expiration date.

Happy young woman cutting carrots in kitchen. Happy woman cooking vegetables salad in kitchen.

When it comes to your dream kitchen, a custom made pantry is your only option. Imagine shelves and storage areas designed for your family in mind. Imagine a pantry where you call the shots and decide how you want it to be built and utilized for years to come. Inserts, electric outlets, drawers of different sizes, compact places to store your personal appliances – you name it. At Cabinet Systems, we offer free consultations and give you quotes based on what you want to see in your home.


Take the men and women working from home – they often go overlooked or can be misunderstood. But why? They’ve got the right idea! If a job can be done from any computer, why spend money renting out an office when you can apply the convenient and cost-effective method of working in the privacy of your own home?

A photo of office cabinets built by woodenbridge - located in San Jose, CA

Yet it doesn’t take long to realize that home often provides distractions that the office does not. The laundry basket full, waiting to be folded. The dirty dishes in the sink. The kid that was sick and stayed home from school. That’s why you need a custom office from Cabinet Systems. Bring the workplace to your home, and keep it all in one room! While distractions from home cannot be totally minimized (especially if you have children!), a free and clear organized room in your house for office work can make you feel less like you’re at home – at least while you’re in that particular room. Keep your career and home life a little more separate – all from the place you already call home!

Do you relate to any of these descriptions? Call us today for a FREE consultation.