messy closetYou’re tired of your cluttered, disorganized closet.  You have one goal:  To put storage into that closet so that it is organized, efficient, useful, even pleasant. We get it. Those displays at that big box store look simple enough.  Why not just go for it?  Uncluttered and organized closets are a great asset to your home and a welcome stress reliever when it comes to getting dressed in the morning.  But, how often in your life have you (or will you) designed a closet? Do you have the experience and skills to measure accurately so that you don’t end up with awkward 7/8” spaces between the end of your storage and the wall? Do you really want to spend your free time over the next several weeks working on your project? Do you have the necessary tools to complete the installation properly? Oh, and what about the fact that your closet will be a Construction Zone during all of that time?

We’d like to propose a different solution. Instead of struggling over the design of this space, enjoy an in-home consultation with a Cabinet Systems designer.  We’ll talk with you and find out your wants and Custom_Closet_117 with ironing boardneeds. We’ll make recommendations, based on experience and creativity, to make your space what you dream.  We’ll talk about what you love and dislike about the space, as it is today. Our designer will accurately measure the space. Again, this seems like such a simple task, but the ability to do it well only comes with time and experience.  Cabinet Systems storage pieces are milled specifically for your space.  The end result is that they fit perfectly.  We’ll talk about wood choices, stain colors and the things that will make this solution just what you want, like those amazing sliding shelves and maybe even a “murphy” ironing board (you know one of our specialties is murphy beds, right?).

After our time together in your home, the Cabinet Systems designer will take all of the information that s/he has gathered and create the first pass at your custom closet design.  The two of you will continue to work together until that design exceeds your expectations.  The pieces will be milled, cabinetry assembled, installed, and revisions made as needed.

Your closet will be under construction typically 1-2 days, you will have top quality, custom milled storage, and your home’s resale value will have increased.  Win-winwin.