Helpful and Cheap Inserts That Won't Damage Cabinets

Custom Cabinet Systems are a life-saver for a busy and often chaotic household. We are dedicated to bringing you the finest quality cabinets, custom fit for your family and your home. No two systems are the same, so our customers are always guaranteed to get exactly what they want. Cabinet Systems beings a unique element of organization and order to any room – in fact, you may forget what life was like without it! Whether it’s the office, bedroom, or kitchen, we make organization personal.

But let’s be real. Sometimes our once orderly cabinets can double as just a place to throw things. You know how every home has a junk drawer? What happens when one junk drawer becomes two? Three?

While custom cabinets can keep junk out of sight, out of mind – we know sometimes tackling the smaller areas can be the most daunting. When these areas grow, it becomes easier to put the purging you know must be done off for a few weeks. Or months. Even years.

Seemingly all at once, your once-immaculate custom cabinets which were originally catered to fit your life are now a cluttered in-home storage unit.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of ideas that you can use to compartmentalize your cabinets even further and organize even the smallest things you don’t even think about. These are designed not just to get all the ducks in a row, but to keep them in a row for the times and seasons to come. The best part is, none of these ideas will damage or alter your cabinets forever.


  1. Hooks, Hooks, Hooks!
    Image via Krazy Coupon Lady

Metal hooks that screw into the wood of your cabinets can be unnecessary and alter the look of your design. Command hooks can be placed in any order and of any size on the inside of a cabinet door for objects such as measuring cups, keys, etc. It is ideal for any items that often seem to get buried by bigger ones in the struggle of finding what you need.



  1. Bag it up, bag it up now…
    Image via the Family Handyman

In the office or kitchen especially, this idea is a must. How many times have you had a plastic bag full of other plastic bags under the sink? One idea is to take an empty or re-usable Kleenex box, and using command hook tabs, stick it to the inside of the cabinet to store those extra plastic bags. It’ll cut down on waste and you’ll always have a place to put them!


  1. Canvas Bins
    Image via Decorpadwalk-in-closet-glass-front-sweater-cabinet

Wicker baskets or rectangular totes can fit virtually any shelf. This is ideal especially for closet space. As the seasons change, you may need more or less drawers at different times of the year for different styles of clothing. A lot of these totes come with labels to keep track of what’s where. 


  1. Mini-Shelves
    Image via Buzzfeedba410ecb0023b2538e305af8f75c81bb--kitchen-organizers-kitchen-organization (1)

Dividers can be easy to find at any local home ware store. Anything that can compartmentalize cupboards to be smaller can create a space for everything. Take for example a silverware holder – who says it has to be for silverware, let alone exclusively for a kitchen? Use it in the office to organize paperclips, or in the bedroom closet for loose ends. Who says file racks have to be for files and papers? Use it in the kitchen to hold canned food, or in the bathroom to hold rolls of toilet paper.


All these ways and more are some of the cheapest ways to free up more space in your custom cabinets. What’s more, these ideas can be changed up at any time to fit the time, season, and purpose of the cabinets. Each one is disposable and can be replaced at any time.