Hideaway Hampers

Laundry is notoriously known as the least favorite chore and sadly it is hardly done as there is usually a pile of dirty items that need to be sorted, washed, dried, folded and put away. On average, families do at least a load of laundry each day, which are about 400 loads per year. Washing machines and dryers are a wonderful invention and we are grateful for them, but it takes less time to prepare a meal than it does to do one load of laundry (which usually takes a couple of hours to complete) and a custom designed hamper will make this job easier and have your laundry area looking neat at all times.

custom storage hamper
Laundry may never become a loved chore, but there is no reason that it can’t become an easier task. Accessories and custom cabinetry can make the area something that you would be proud to show off, rather than keeping hidden behind a door or curtain.

Essential for the Home

Hideaway hampers are essential because, as we stated above, there is always going to be a pile of dirty clothes. Hampers come in all shapes and sizes, but getting the perfect fit for you and your household requires a custom made hamper that is stylish, convenient, and hidden in plain sight.

Custom hampers are made to save space and make your laundry area look neat. Sectional hampers make the job of sorting clothes easier, while a hamper drawer or closet is perfect for small spaces.

Custom hamper drawers and closets are made specifically for small spaces; you don’t have to worry about tripping over clothes as they pile up. Households with small children will also benefit from a centralized hamper by helping kids to responsibly take care of their worn laundry.
Hideaway hampers are great for any type of environment, whether it be the home, spas, hotels, or gyms.

Essential for the workplace

Collecting clothes and towels is a tedious task, so keeping all the dirty laundry dumped into one area keeps the area clean, organized, and it reduces the potential for germs to spread beyond a limited area. Another great benefit of hampers is that there is no need for loose baskets or stacking.

Employees of spas and hotels will benefit from hideaway hampers because they can reduce worker- injuries that may be related to excess bending and lifting of several heavy baskets. In addition, hampers will help keep patrons as well as employees safe from falling on slippery floors due to wet towels being carelessly tossed on the floor. The use of hampers can also keep facilities neat, clean, and discrete.

In addition to hideaway hampers, consider adding a few custom wall cabinets to keep all your laundry supplies hidden and out of the way, as well as conveniently located for easy access.