Once You Go Custom, You Never Go Back

Compactable hangers. Shoe compartments. Plastic totes.

In the United States, it is culturally acceptable – even welcomed – to have lots of “junk” and numerous outfits. Most of us try to keep it organized somewhat, even when it seems out of control. Most of the time we re-organize and place belongings somewhere where we won’t have to deal with them. So what do we do? We go out and buy more containers and more accessories to hold our stuff and keep it orderly. We buy stuff and then buy stuff to hold more stuff.

But what if you had an all-in-one closet, that had built-in storage containers?Closet_1

What if, once these were in place, you didn’t have to worry about clutter getting out of control because they were confined to these spaces?

Shoe Compartments

Our closets are built to cater to your needs, so whether you have five pairs of shoes or 25, feel free to kiss additional shoe storage good-bye. These can vary from over-the-door shoe racks, to hanging compartments that attach to your closet rod.

Not only are these bulky and hard to conceal, they often make displaying shoes more difficult and therefore complicate finding the right pair when you need it.

Our compartments are sleek, subtle, and coordinate with the rest of your storage area. They also can hold as many or as little shoes as you like, meaning you will not have to sacrifice the space if you do not want to.

Custom_closet_1Plastic Bins

Ideal for moving, and storage units – but not for typical closet or cabinet organization! Why? First of all, they can get worn out from constant use – which is why it’s ideal for moving or college students; it saves you from wasting lots of cardboard boxes and most people don’t move too frequently.

Secondly, large storage containers are often opaque, so you have no idea specifically what’s in them – and if you want to find out, you have to remove it from a shelf, place it somewhere else, unhook the lid, and check. This is fine if you’re traveling and living out of a suitcase or plastic totes – not in the comfort of your own home!

Cabinet Systems can create custom and built in storage for items that can be tucked away for months (i.e. seasonal clothing). If you’re someone who has more of a minimalist approach, fewer areas where bulk items can be concealed holds you accountable in not accumulating too much.

Hide-A-BedWallbed by Cabinet Systems open (1)

Do you need a compact place to store a bed when out-of-town company comes? Have you flirted with the idea of investing in a hide-a-bed couch so you don’t have to worry about not having an extra room?

On top of custom-designing storage spaces, we also install Murphy Beds, which is a bed that is disguised in an upright position for day use, and is then declined to be slept in at night. This is another reason to go with us. We are all about making spaces comfortable, functional, and versatile!

Compactable Hangers

Did you know that the average closet size is only just over 2 feet deep and 4 feet wide? A standard American 2-bedroom house has a fairly small closet space compared to the size of the room it is in (usually).

Custom_Closet_114This means that the typical closet is deep enough to accommodate standard adult hangers, and wide enough to hold what is supposedly a standard “wardrobe”. So for example, if you have more clothes that what your closet can hold, you either have to get a dresser, or find additional storage options. One that is trending lately is stackable, or compactable hangers. These hang from one point in the closet rod and the hangers build on to one another – this makes it possible to hang multiple outfits from one single area.

While this sounds convenient in principle, it can cause build-up of clothes, making them more difficult to pull out, view, and select. What’s more, it restricts hangers from being more accessible and so you’re less likely to hang up clean clothes out of the dryer.

Cabinet System closets are walk-in, allowing you to peruse your clothing at leisure and view all of it at once. Compact hangers are not necessary if your closet is big enough! We make the best of your floorplan and whatever closet space that can be utilized, we build to be able to fit clothes and possessions comfortably and affordably. 

Call us today for a free consultation if you’re done with buying storage supplies and never finding anything in your closet!