Benefits of a Murphy Bed

Murphy Wall bedWall beds, also known as Murphy beds or pull down beds, were created by William L. Murphy and patented in 1900. The benefits of a Murphy bed are many. For example, it is not only practical, but a money and time saver.

There are no box springs used on this type of bed. The mattress usually lays on a wooden platform that is secured by a strap when in an upright position to avoid having the mattress sag.

Overall, the investment of a Murphy bed is economically friendly since traditional beds are not versatile. You are saving money because your home can be transformed in an instant, without additional furniture, and your living space is not compromised, only enhanced.

Also, a wall bed will undoubtedly save you tons of space, and who could not use more living space? Consider, in particular, the fact that tiny homes are growing in popularity. Also, small apartments may be the only thing that many people who live in big cities are able to afford. Investing in a custom designed Murphy bed will provide the much needed space that can be converted into a table, desk or couch, when in the upright position.

Small spaces get cluttered very easily and as you are trying to maneuver around a traditional stationary bed, the chances of you getting physically hurt increases. The prime benefits of a Murphy bed is that, since it easily and effectively gets tucked away, it will avoid these types of accidents as you will be able to move safely and freely around your small living quarters.

A Murphy bed also allows you to have overnight guests resting comfortably in a real bed, as opposed to sleeping on the couch or floor. They are so easy to raise and lower which makes them perfect for anyone.

Another great feature of fold down beds is that they can be customized to meet your personalized taste in home décor.

Custom Murphy beds are great because they are versatile and multi-functional. You can get a bed that is just a bed or you can get something that will convert into a computer desk or even a sitting area, when put up into their self-contained cabinet. 

Save Space with a Custom Wall Bed

Wall bed down

Empty nesters will love the extra space that they will acquire when the kids leave for college. They can use the extra space for activities they love and still have a comfortable place for the children or grandchildren to sleep when they come home for a visit.

Young families will also benefit from having a custom Murphy bed installed because we all know that young children have toys and need space to play; the more space, the better! When the beds are up, they can be converted into a safe and organized working environment for them to complete their homework, as well as a play space for rainy days.

The options are limitless. Single, double, queen size and even bunk bed options are available. There is a wall bed that will fit every need and every type of space. They can be made in a horizontal or vertical version. For example, if your room is narrow, then a horizontal wall bed would be a great fit. Murphy beds that are vertical are perfect for spaces that are longer than they are wide.