Recreate Your Garage Storage

Durable garage storage cabinets with professional design keep your garage a functional storage space for the whole family. If you are like most homeowners and no longer have space in your garage for your car, or you find yourself running down to a home improvement store for something you knew you had, but couldn’t find, then you need expert advice from Cabinet Systems. Let us map out a plan of storage cabinets that will keep your yard equipment, tools, or sports gear, ready for you in its designated place, when you need it.

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Affordable Quality

Garage cabinets are now more affordable than ever so you can organize your space with quality cabinets that will last. Our garage storage cabinets are finished on the outside AND inside, allowing for easy cleaning both inside and out. The garage storage cabinets can be made from floor to ceiling or suspended at any height off the floor. Suspending cabinets allows for easier cleaning of garage floor and helps keep the cabinets dry. Because all our cabinets are custom built and installed by experts, we can make them fit correctly around windows, freezers, and any other obstacle in your garage.

From underutilized to high performance

With your garage recreated you will even have space to convert part of your garage into a bonus room. Garage space makes fascinating hobby rooms where you will love inviting your friends. You can also convert some space into a workshop with a workbench for an ultimate work surface. If you enjoy gardening, you can dedicate a place for a garden center, or if you have an artist in the family, even a painting room for them to develop their talent. Yes, garages too can be a fully functional space of your house and achieve more than just the place to park your car.

Cutting Edge Design + Durability

We’ve found melamine to work best for garage cabinet construction. Melamine is composed of a thermally fused resin, bonded onto a particleboard core. It works perfect for garages due to its durability and resistance to scratches and dents. Our metal reinforced shelves and 100lb. capacity drawers are designed to store heavier and larger garage associated items such as ice chests, sports equipment, camping gear, and much more. The shelves are also adjustable to accommodate all your storage needs in the future.