Designing a Home Office for Two

custom built two person home officeWorking as a team in close quarters can be practical, as help is always nearby and there is always someone close to joke around with – which makes any work place more enjoyable.

However, with the benefits also come challenges, such as both people talking on the phone simultaneously, or who prefers listening to music while the other prefers quiet, and temperature control can also be a point of contention.

If your comfort levels and work style are quite different, then a close working space may not be a great idea for you, but for the others that don’t find the above-mentioned list an issue, we have some home office design ideas for two people to consider.

Comfort not only refers to temperature control, it is also refers to a person’s productivity. For example, one partner may prefer a desk and chair, while the other gets more work done sitting on a large recliner with a laptop.

An independent type of design would be perfect for individuals that are easily distracted, and it basically means that the individuals have their backs to each other, but can easily maneuver around when collaboration is necessary.

Collaborative Design

This may consist of two desks facing each other, which can be perfect for two people that need to keep in constant communication with each other, and are not on the phone frequently.  For this type of design, lighting needs to be agreed upon, as it will affect both desks.

Semi-Independent Partners

These are two people who work independently, but they often need to review things together (such as blue prints).  Having desks next to each other will provide an individual work space that is usually undisturbed, and allows for two individuals to come together several time as day, if necessary.  Lighting does not have to be compromised in this design, as both parties can have their own preferred lighting.

Having storage between two desks in this design allows both workers to have easy access to files and other important documents and supplies.

Storage is Something that Needs to be Considered

custom office cubbies and drawersPrimarily because certain items need to be easily accessible by both partners without disturbing the other.  Having some custom-made cubbies and drawers, set in a particular corner is a good compromise.


  1. Prior to having a home office designed for two, you need to establish if you are good candidates to work in close quarters.
  2. Common storage space should be placed in an area that is easily accessible, without disrupting the other office occupant.
  3. Lighting should be a major consideration in the type of design. Agree which type works best for both parties.
  4. Accommodations should be made to fit the individuals’ comfort and style level.
  5. Heavy phone usage should be considered when sharing close office space with another person.