Organization Tips for Your Garage

Many garages are a dumping space for years of accumulated “stuff”, but it doesn’t have to be that way. A garage can be converted into a Man Cave, an extra bedroom, a safe and private place for children to play, a true woodworking workshop, or simply a place to park the car.

customized garage
Basic Organization Tips

1. Remove everything and decide to keep, toss or donate. With each item you pick up, ask yourself “Do I love this”, “Do I use this”, “Can someone else benefit from this” and “is it safe”. Each answer to these questions will help make the decision as to keep, toss or donate an item. For everything that you are not going keep, have a garage sale and earn some extra cash to get custom made cabinets for this space that is no longer cluttered.

2.Now that your garage is empty, you can get a better, more clear view, to decide on what you want to use this great space for. If you plan to convert your garage space into a living type of space, it may become necessary to have a shed added to your property to store gardening items, bikes, luggage and other types of items like camping gear and sports equipment.

3.Zone space, if necessary. Dividing the space into different areas is a benefit for many. For example, one section of the garage can be zoned to be an exercise area, while the other side can be used for the band to practice.

4.If you plan to park a vehicle in the garage, it is especially important to keep the floor clean and free of anything that can easily be hung up like mops, brooms and rakes. This will ensure that you can safety pull a car into the garage without worrying about running into or over anything .

5.Custom cabinets are a great investment and will make any garage organized and looking neat and tidy for years to come. A cabinet professional will evaluate the space and offer suggestions based on your future plan to utilize the space more effectively.
6.Peg boards, for example, are a versatile and inexpensive way to keep tools (for example) displayed, organized and easily accessible. organized garage workbench

7.Labeling is a time consuming and tedious task, but when it is completed it will be worth the effort because everything will have its place and will be easy to find.

8.Many times, the garage is the main entrance into the house which means that coats and shoes usually accumulate in this area. For this reason, it is important that a coat and shoe rack, which is customized for your particular needs, is installed in this area. This helps to keep the area organized and your clothing and footwear clean and safe.

9.Also, if your garage gets a lot of foot traffic, using a shower curtain to hide some of your more private items is an easy way to keep the entire space looking clean and organized.