Gardening Ideas for the Whole Family

It’s time to take those gardening tools out of the garage because Spring has officially sprung! With the long winter behind and warm weather ahead, now is the time kids will start playing outside more and more. Why not show them an outdoor hobby that is fun for all ages?

Gardening and landscaping is a valuable skill to develop because it is great for recreation and commercial purposes. Whether you already grow your own vegetables, herbs or maybe have only a few plants around the house, having greenery near or inside the home has proven benefits.

Here are some fun and easy gardening ideas for the whole family:

Egg Carton Greenhouse Via Hazel and Company

eggcartontute4Egg cartons make excellent containers for soil. They are just absorbent enough to prevent the soil becoming waterlogged. Simply pour soil in the carton so that it is about half-full (enough to still see the dividers that go between the eggs). Place the seeds on the top soil, and gently press them in (depending on the seeds you buy, it may say on the packaging to plant slightly deeper). Then water the soil thoroughly.

When the carton appears to have mostly dried, wrap plastic wrap around the carton. This creates a  “greenhouse” effect because moisture stays in the soil longer. This means the seeds will not have to be watered again until after they have sprouted.

The greatest part is that egg cartons fit most standard window sills, so they can get as much sun as possible. What is more, if it gets knocked over there is no mess!

Once they have reached about three inches high, either re-pot in a bigger container, or outside in fresh soil. These should last all Spring and Summer long!

Avocado Pit Planting ViKitchenScrap-300x300a KidsGardening.Org

Take an avocado pit and let it dry out for a few days. Then, take three toothpicks and poke them on all sides of the pit to suspend it over a cup of water. This is particularly neat for kids to watch because it does not take long to see sprouting out the top! Make sure it is not submerged but that the water comes up at only about half.

Once the pit has sprouted, pot the plant in fresh soil and watch it grow! Once it has reached a substantial height, it can grow outside, but keep it away from sidewalks or front lawn. Ideally plant between March and June, and in a sunny spot protected from wind.

Herb Terranium via Feels Like Home Blog

Terraniums are fun, beautiful, and you do not have to wait for them to grow – this might be a good idea for kids who are easily bored or impatient! This particular terranium can be completed for under 15 dollars in less than an hour!

Start off with a large jar or fishbowl – any glass container that has an easily accessible top. From there, buy two or more small plants or herbs you’d like to put in the terranium. Either find some gravel from around your yard or go out and buy some, and place it at the bottom of the jar. how-to-make-a-terrarium-add-moss

Next, you’re going to want to separate the soil from the gravel. This can be done by using the mesh bags similar to the ones gravel or fish rocks come in. If you did not have to purchase either of these items, other mesh materials like pantyhose will work. From there, pour the soil on top so that water can go through but soil does not get trapped in the rocks. This is because a glass bowl is impermeable, and the plants will drown if there is no draining system.

If you would like to add moss, it can be found in backyards or sidewalk cracks. While it is not mandatory, it really brings the whole look together.

Before planting, try a few arrangements to see what would look best. Once you have planted them, be sure to water them right away and then add decorations if desired (rocks, shells, etc).