Caring for and maintaining wood cabinets

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To ensure that your wood cabinets continue to be beautiful and work well, you need to care for them properly.  This includes cleaning and polishing the cabinets regularly, as well as knowing which products are safe to use.   On day one – Polish Caring for your cabinets begins immediately upon installation, when you should…

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Top 9 reasons to buy local


Some people wonder if Cabinet Systems is a franchise. The simple answer is, “No.” So, what are we?  We are a team of people who have a passion for woodwork and our community. We are locally owned and operated. All of the cabinet parts are manufactured in Spokane in our own facility. This process ensures…

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The Best Tips for Spring Cleaning


Spring is on it’s way shortly, and to many in western society that means: spring cleaning. Although this idea is known commonly throughout the U.S., it is speculated that the tradition of spring cleaning has, surprisingly, Eastern origins. The Iranian New Year falls on the first day of Spring (March 20th), and to this day…

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What's the Best Wood Choice for Your Custom Cabinets?


When planning to redesign a closet or start from scratch, the question of what wood or materials to use needs to be answered. There are multiple wood or wood substitute options you can choose from. Some are better for durability, fighting insects or cost-effectiveness depending on what you are looking for. Plywood: Plywood is an…

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Tips On Proper "Feng Shui" With a Murphy Bed


Got a small space? A studio apartment? A tiny house? Due to the recent minimalist movement, “fixed-up” small and otherwise useless spaces in sheds, trailers, and old cabins have been trending on social media and other television programs as a way be conservative and environmentally friendly. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice based on…

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Gardening Ideas for the Whole Family

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It’s time to take those gardening tools out of the garage because Spring has officially sprung! With the long winter behind and warm weather ahead, now is the time kids will start playing outside more and more. Why not show them an outdoor hobby that is fun for all ages? Gardening and landscaping is a valuable…

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Tips to Liven Up Your Office Space for Cheap

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At Cabinet Systems, we specialize in customizing the storage spaces in home offices. These offices and their cupboard space is ideal for the college student, the business owner, or homeschooling mom in the household. The rooms are renovated by our committed staff to bring elements of professionalism, without abandoning the comforts of home. Here are…

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10 Meals in 30 Minutes or Less


The custom cabinets in your kitchen can be used to accommodate your busy lives – and the busy lives of your family. This is where the magic happens: where the meals that gather the family around are produced, which make memories to last a lifetime. Yet one of the greatest hurdles about having a storage-friendly…

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How to Set Up a Room for Homeschooling


In the last decade, the number of adults who have chosen to educate their children at home has risen by nearly 68% (CNS News). In total, this number is at 1.7 million and only continues to grow. Particularly in the younger years, a secure, safe, and comfortable learning environment can make a difference in a…

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