Get Your Closet Ready for the New Year

Female choosing apparel at storeA bedroom closet can be one of the scariest places in the house when it comes to organization and an uncontrollable amount of stuff.  Getting dressed in an out of control closet can be overwhelming day to day. There is nothing better than walking into a space, which is organized, and everything in its proper place. The initial steps to getting a closet into this condition can be overwhelming at first, but here are some tips to getting that closet into tip top shape.

1. Don’t be afraid to purge!

There is no way organization can get started if the space is filled with junk you never use or wear. Clothing or items can often hold sentimental value, but when trying to get rid of things truly ask yourself, “Do I really like this?” “Have I worn it in the past year?” “Does it fit with my current image?” “Does it make me happy?” If you can answer yes to most of these questions, then keep the item! But if you struggle to make a decision then let it go! There is someone out there who could probably use it much more than you.

2. Use wasted wall space!

Empty wall space can be a great place to put forgotten scarves, belts, hats or purses. These items are often forgotten, shoved in a drawer or plastic bin. Having them out and neatly organized on the wall, can help remind you of what you have so that they actually get worn!

3. Organize your shoes!

Shoes most often become a tangled mess on the closet floor where one shoe can’t even find its partner. Shoe organizers or shelves placed on the back of the closet door, neatly on the closet floor or hanging in the closet can be a great way to get all of that mess organized.  Organizing your shoes by style or by function can also be a good way to keep them in place and easily accessible.

4. Keep the closet shelves neat!

The top shelf in a closet can be a great place to fold and store sweaters, sweatshirts or even jeans. However, these stacks often topple over or just become messy eventually making the top shelf the dumping ground for anything and everything. Using shelf dividers or cubbies can be an excellent way to keep this from happening and allow for the stacks to stay organized!

There are a million different techniques to keep your space organized. Choose what works best for you and stick to it! Hopefully these few little tips can set you well on your way!