more than storage and desk space – using color in your home office


The colors with which we choose to surround ourselves affect our lives.  Think this through as you work with a designer to create your home office Cabinet Systems.  The color of the cabinet finish that you choose, the paint, the artwork, even whether or not you incorporate plants into the space will all have an…

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Are custom closet systems really worth the cost?


Custom closet systems. They’re popular. They’re beautiful. They make organization so much easier. But are they really worth the cost? We asked local realtors whether or not custom closet systems are worth it and the resounding response was, “YES!” followed by a, “but not necessarily in the manner that you think.” Certainly, you can’t take…

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Big box or custom?

custom closets

You’re tired of your cluttered, disorganized closet.  You have one goal:  To put storage into that closet so that it is organized, efficient, useful, even pleasant. We get it. Those displays at that big box store look simple enough.  Why not just go for it?  Uncluttered and organized closets are a great asset to your…

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Work at home … it's unavoidable.


Back in the 80s, the idea of ergonomically designed office spaces was just taking hold.  Human Factors was a fairly new field and the idea that we could increase our productivity by ensuring that our work spaces were more than a table, chair and trash can with a side filing cabinet was revolutionary.  It was…

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The Best Tips for Spring Cleaning


Spring is on it’s way shortly, and to many in western society that means: spring cleaning. Although this idea is known commonly throughout the U.S., it is speculated that the tradition of spring cleaning has, surprisingly, Eastern origins. The Iranian New Year falls on the first day of Spring (March 20th), and to this day…

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Get Your Closet Ready for the New Year

Female choosing apparel at store

A bedroom closet can be one of the scariest places in the house when it comes to organization and an uncontrollable amount of stuff.  Getting dressed in an out of control closet can be overwhelming day to day. There is nothing better than walking into a space, which is organized, and everything in its proper…

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Design Your Dream Closet

Rows of men's suit jackets

Are you a fashion addict? An aspiring chef? An entrepreneur? Someone who wants to be successful and well-organized? Closets are underrated, to say the least. Whether it’s a new pantry, cabinet set, or walk-in closet, we’ve got your back and want you to achieve your goals and maintain a balanced lifestyle. Take the men and…

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Once You Go Custom, You Never Go Back

Custom Closets

Compactable hangers. Shoe compartments. Plastic totes. In the United States, it is culturally acceptable – even welcomed – to have lots of “junk” and numerous outfits. Most of us try to keep it organized somewhat, even when it seems out of control. Most of the time we re-organize and place belongings somewhere where we won’t…

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Helpful and Cheap Inserts That Won't Damage Cabinets


Custom Cabinet Systems are a life-saver for a busy and often chaotic household. We are dedicated to bringing you the finest quality cabinets, custom fit for your family and your home. No two systems are the same, so our customers are always guaranteed to get exactly what they want. Cabinet Systems beings a unique element of…

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Storage Solutions: Pantry or Refrigerator?

farm fresh vegetables

Custom-made cabinets in the kitchen can be a life-saver, but all too often there is a food or food product that goes bad and causes the inside to smell. Every day, we are told to consume at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day, but over 60% of Americans live in urban areas…

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