“Step Up” Your Shoe Storage Space

Rear view of confused young woman looking at shoes displayed on shelves in store

If you own more than five pairs of shoes, you have probably experienced first hand what messes shoes can make. If not stored properly they can become an overwhelming mismatched pile by the front or back door, especially if there are more than two people living in the house. Ideal for shoe lovers and shopaholics, a custom shoe rack can help step up your shoe game and help you discover your best options when getting ready in the morning.

shoe rackCustom shoe racks are specially designed not just for organization and comfort, but for presentation as well. When your best footwear has its own space it can eliminate the risk of losing pairs, and decrease the amount of filth and residue that can often accumulate when multiple pairs are thrown in a stack together.

To add an easy-to-find feature, opt for slightly slanted shelves with a rail, or “fence” in the front to prevent them from falling. It improves display and functionality, giving it a department store flair with a twist.

For those with fewer shoes and desiring a less-luxurious and more compact shoe area, small bins can be an excellent option. While shoes are not as visible it can provide easy retrieval and even quicker replacement. The downside is the lack of functionality for larger shoes such as boots or even high-tops. Furthermore this way of storage may not be ideal for those in more diverse climates; the areas that get all four seasons. If not, more footwear storage can be added in a different area of the closet fit to accommodate boots and bulkier foot items.

Many customers have asked California Closets – a company much like ourselves – to transform their space. Customers can be understandably hesitant to make an investment in their closets fearing the new order of their possessions will not last and that everything will just go back to being as dysfunctional as it was before. Yet many have reported that up to a whole year after installation, everything had stayed in order and had made organization easier to manage despite its expansion. What is more, satisfied customers have stated that their favorite new closet feature is the added shoe storage!

If you have always wanted a custom closet, understand that they are as fashionable as they are practical and functional. Meaning that an investment in storage is an investment in organization as well, and not appearance alone. Read or watch testimonials for examples of satisfied customers – it is a renovation they do not regret!