Tips to Liven Up Your Office Space for Cheap

At Cabinet Systems, we specialize in customizing the storage spaces in home offices. These offices and their cupboard space is ideal for the college student, the business owner, or homeschooling mom in the household. The rooms are renovated by our committed staff to bring elements of professionalism, without abandoning the comforts of home.

Here are some creative ideas so customize your office space further – for cheap!

  1. Get an air freshener or diffuserEssential oils being diffused into the air.

If you have to sit there most of the day, make it smell good! As a tip, choose a smell that you like that is different from the rest of your home. This will help your brain associate one smell with work, and other smells for play. Not only that, Japanese researchers say that certain aromas can minimize typing errors. Lemon decreases error by 54%, jasmine by 33%, and 20% with lavender. Essential oils in a diffuser are going to have the purest and most natural results. Diffusers can retail for under $50 and can be used over and over again while humidifying the room. 

  1. Toss Your Generic Wall Hangings in the Garbage

Motivational signs, paper poster of “Starry Night”, framed stock images of wildlife – oh my!

Buying local, street-fair art is fairly inexpensive. Search for images that you love or that match the color scheme of your room with a simple Creative Common license. Print out photos from your Instagram. Personalize your space with images that speak to you, in the colors you like.

  1. DIY A ChalkboardStylish workspace with computer and posters on home or studio

Much calmer to the eye than a blazing-bright whiteboard, opt for a chalkboard to keep track of reminders and deadlines. You can do this either by painting a space on your wall with chalk paint or an old wooden panel. Chalk paint can be purchased by the pint at your local craft store.


  1. Repurpose an Ice Cube Tray for Tiny Objects

Every office needs small storage for paper clips, tacks, staples, rubber bands, and more. Place an old ice cube tray in a top drawer and sort objects by category. It will minimize clutter and might save you a lot of digging! One can get three trays in a bundle at the Dollar Store.

  1. Get a Plant

Or two. Or three. Bringing the outdoors inside can boost creativity and bring life – literally – into any gloomy room. Succulents, some of the smallest and low-maintenance of plants, can be purchased for less than $5.

We hope these ideas and more will add a personal element to your custom office space!