Top 9 reasons to buy local

Some people wonder if Cabinet Systems is a franchise. The simple answer is, “No.”

So, what are we?  We are a team of people who have a passion for woodwork and our community. We are locally owned and operated. All of the cabinet parts are manufactured in Spokane in our own facility. This process ensures high quality product, it supports our local economy, and gives you, our customer, the lowest possible price. From start to finish, you are dealing with a wholly local company.

Why does it matter if you buy local? Thank you to the Institute for Local Self-Reliance for the following excellent summary of reasons to buy local. This summary is based on several research studies, which, if you’re curious to read, you can access from the website.

The top 9 reasons to buy local…buy local

  1. It encourages local prosperity – Entrepreneurs and skilled workers are more likely to invest in and settle in communities that promote their one-of-a-kind businesses and distinctive character.  This also means a better use of community space.
  2. There are better public services – There more local businesses there are, the stronger our tax base for our community is.  This results in better use of public services compared to nationally owned stores.
  3. You have access to a better selection – Small businesses, such as ours, select products based not on a national sales pattern, but on the needs of our customers.  This guarantees a broader range of product choices and price, as well as a flexibility in our willingness to provide you with just the storage solution that you want.
  4. You will benefit from better service –  Local businesses, in general, hire people who have a better understanding of the products that the business is selling.  This is certainly true of Cabinet Systems – to put it plain and simple, we know how to design, create, manufacture, and install excellent storage systems.  Not only is each of us knowledgeable of our products, we are passionate about excellent customer service. Plain and simple, we take more time to get to know you and your needs and this results in a better end product.
  5. The business will invest in community – We not only work in Spokane, we live and play here and in the surrounding communities. We are your friends and neighbors and we are as interested in seeing our community thrive as you are. Because this is our home, you can rest assured that Cabinet Systems is here to stay and that we are investing in our community, just like you.
  6. You help create more local ownership and good jobs – Did you know that small, local businesses are the largest national employer? In our community, local businesses provide the most jobs to people like you – those who live and play here.
  7. There is more support of community groups – Local businesses have historically donated more per sales dollar to local non-profits, events, teams, etc. compared to national chains.
  8. You are part of keeping Spokane unique – Local businesses and the people who live here are what give our area it’s personality and character.  Businesses like ours not only help our local economy and give you great service and products, but we are part of the fabric that makes Spokane such an awesome place to live.
  9. You reduce environmental impact – We build our cabinets from materials manufactured and produced locally.  This means that when you come to us for your storage solutions, you will have a positive impact on pollution (due to less transportation of goods), sprawl and congestion.

In summary, when you buy from an independent, locally owned business instead of a franchise or other chain store, significantly more of your money is used to make purchases from other local businesses and service providers. This cycle strengthens the economic base of the Inland Northwest and enables us to live in a community that is rich in culture and nature, and is thriving with people who care about and support each other. Locally.