What's the Best Wood Choice for Your Custom Cabinets?

When planning to redesign a closet or start from scratch, the question of what wood or materials to use needs to be answered. There are multiple wood or wood substitute options you can choose from. Some are better for durability, fighting insects or cost-effectiveness depending on what you are looking for.


  • Plywood is an affordable solution when planning shelving within a closet.
  • Due to its structure, it is very durable and can with stand a lot of weight.
  • It is not over susceptible to water damage  as it is not overly absorbent.
  • It is easy to stain
  • Spruce_plywoodMDF or Medium Density Fiber Board:
  • MDF is usually one of the cheapest shelving options.
  • It is typically a smooth surface which makes it simple to paint or cover
  • It is a consistent substance which keeps the edges smooth and even. This makes it easy to cut and fit together.
  • downloadCedar:
  • Cedar is excellent in deterring bugs and moths from eating holes through clothing.
  • The color is attractive and makes a nice interior for any closet. It also has a pleasant earthy smell.
  • It keeps a closet dry and can prevents the growth of mold.4917545800_092474a259


  • Melamine is an extremely strong substance and can withstand a lot of weight due to its durable exterior.
  • Due to the fact it is synthetic, it can be made in a wide variety of colors and styles.
  • It is a very affordable alternative to wooden closets.Custom_closet_2 (1)