Bathroom Organization for an On-the-Go Lifestyle

The bathroom is one of the most frequently visited rooms in the house. Yet in our busy day-to-day lives, we only really utilize it for a few moments at a time each day. Late for work? Need to get the kids to school? It is no wonder our toiletries can get so easily cluttered and items we truly need get lost in the mess!

Here are some tips for easy and hassle-free bathroom organization:

Medicine Cabinet

The first thing to do when organizing a bathroom (especially the medicine cabinet) is to purge all unnecessary items from your supplies. This could include all those nearly-empty bottles, or hair product or makeup that are several years old and will most likely never be utilized (and are probably expired). This also means removing bulky packaging from unopened toiletries and reorganizing the product inside.

Contrary to common practice, it is recommended that medicine is actually stored in a kitchen cabinet and not in the bathroom because excess moisture that cultivates there can seep through and destroy the pills inside. So, empty your behind-the-mirror cupboard of medications and fill it instead with grooming supplies. It will free up counter space from things like toothpaste and shaving cream.

For neat and fashionable organization on the counter, use mason jars for everyday items such as cotton swabs, makeup brushes, or flossers.

Towel Storage

Rustic Bathroom Sink and Mirror

Sometimes when many people share a bathroom, the biggest problem is having towels everywhere. Installing more hooks on the bathroom walls is easy, cost effective, and will minimize the clutter of trying to fit multiple drying towels on one small rack or over the top of the shower curtain.

For more compact use of clean towels, try rolling them up on the shelves; it creates more room and is easier to stack.

Above-the-toilet racks are incredibly useful and are ideal for smaller bathrooms. They provide easy-access for toilet paper rolls and extra towels. If you don’t have a cupboard above your toilet, one of these racks are a must. These can be found usually for under $100 and come in many different styles.


Because the drawers under the sink are constantly being pushed and pulled day after day, it is easy for items to get tossed about and buried under other objects. Also when things are continually getting used and put back, things like dust, hair, and toothpaste residue can coat the bottom layer of the drawer. Yuck! For in-place and easy-to-find organization, use a drawer divider. These can come in the form of a wooden tray with sections, or you can even use small boxes that fit together. It will also collect that residue that can form at the bottom of the drawer, making it easy to clean.


Under the Sink

Hair appliances and their long cords can really take up a lot of room and get tangled up in each other. Attachable cubbies to the backs of doors under the sink can be a very convenient place for a hair-dryer, flat iron, or electric razor.  

For extra space, install a middle shelf under the sink. Organize desired items by category and place them in plastic storage containers or drawer inserts.


One last tip….

If you are looking for more shelves and designs, or if any of these gave you an idea for something you want something custom made, contact Cabinet Systems for a design to fit your house and your family’s lifestyle!