Fit for a King or Queen: Why A Walk-In Closet?

Clothing, accessories, jackets, shoes, and dirty laundry are the culprits of the majority of the clutter in our homes. Closets contain the necessities needed to be able to walk out the door in a timely fashion, yet depending on the household size, a closet is never big nor organized enough.

They Minimize Household Clutter

Walk-in closets are a room devoted entirely to compact storage, but are still easy to access. The fact that it is a separate room can remove clutter from all around the home, such as a pile of shoes by the front door or more than one jacket slung over the back of a chair. In a walk-in closet custom built for you, there is a place for everything and everything its place. Laundry is even minimized if you include a built-in wall hamper.IMG_1145

They Provide Creature Comforts

Having this added space and organization, keeping up and maintaining its accessibility is as simple as it was when it was first organized. This means something can be quickly found and put back after it has been removed; a luxury not provided when having to dive into a pile of precariously stacked shirts, or grabbing that one pair of shoes at the back of the closet. On top of being comfortable and functional, walk-in closets can also double as a dressing room; an excellent feature for added privacy.

They Accommodate Your Lifestyle

In your complimentary in-home consultation, we can evaluate the type of storage you desire and what you wish to achieve with your new closet. Whether there needs to be more racks or more shelves, added accessories,  his and her sides, or even a design for a growing child, a custom walk-in closet is purposed for you and your household in mind.