Here's Where You Should Build A Custom Closet

Many rooms in the home require adequate storage of some kind. Building a closet custom fit to your needs can seem daunting if you do not know the benefits of each type.

The garage, bedroom, office, and sometimes kitchen are the four spaces Cabinet Systems primarily reinvents for clients. Each need is as unique as every closet we build.

If you are unsure about where your closet should go, here are some suggestions for any room in the home that could use custom cabinets.


Garage_Storage_Cabinets_113Ah, the makeshift storage unit for many. What was intended for a vehicle quickly becomes a habitat for miscellaneous objects.

For those with outdoorsy hobbies, multiple appliances, and bulky tools that do not belong inside, the garage hoarder can greatly benefit from a custom cabinet system.

The issue with these buildings that are designed for cars is that they often become too cluttered to fit a vehicle. What is more, garages are not well-insulated, which means if the weather becomes too hot or too cold, this can postpone organization up to several months.
With a Cabinet Systems closet, you can accommodate how few or many your outdoor hobbies you and your family have by implementing the exact dimensions of the items you need to store.


Woman looking at clothes in a closetGive your business attire the boost it needs, and the space it deserves. Protect and preserve your clothes in a functional and workable space that eliminates clutter in the bedroom. A wardrobe custom to your style that you have invested time into should have a style all its own. Whether you are a fashionista or not, consider the benefit of taking care of your clothes, and how a custom closet can accomplish this while catering to your evolving tastes. It is a timeless feature that never goes out of style!


Custom cabinets for the kitchen are not exclusively for the culinary student. Any family that likes to eat can benefit from excellent storage. A cozy place to prepare meals where every appliance and condiment has its place is a must-have for any dream kitchen.

Closet_Page_5Whether you like big grocery trips that last a long time or if you prefer getting fresh ingredients from the supermarket every other day, this kitchen makeover is an investment that keeps evolving as your family does, while accommodating your specific cooking styles and various appliances.

Office and Classroom:

Home offices are ideal regardless of your occupation. It is perfect for students young and old, those who work from home, and mandatory for business owners – whatever that business might be.

Homeschooling your kids? Over 1.7 million children in the United States are home-schooled, and that number only continues to grow. Keep your curriculum and school supplies in order so that you will never be under-prepared for a lesson ever again.W-3

Replace heavy filing cabinets and plastic industrial storage bins with beautiful wooden cupboards and drawers. Every business, whether you run it or not, needs paper storage of some kind. Keep it classy without all the bulk. Cabinet Systems can custom design an office for your business, your schoolwork, or your classroom, giving you a perfect balance of professionalism and homely comforts.

Wherever you decide your cabinets are best needed, or if you are on the fence about it all, do not hesitate to call us today. Schedule your very own FREE in-home consultation where you can hear from the experts yourself.